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Centre of Influence   The National Press Club founded in 1974  is open to anyone of learning and curiosity who is interested in free speech and in the events around them. The club is well financed and from its inception the total joining fee remains $35. It is an annual subscription designed to assist those from all walks of life to participate in the club's role as the capital's independent centre of influence. Those interested in joining should email president This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

"The National Press Club has the value of being inclusive." Life Member Rt Hon. Jonathan Hunt ONZ

Executive Committee and Member Information

The National Press Club Inc President Peter Isaac - Journalist

Secretary/Treasurer Bryan Weyburne - Retired businessman

Lifetime Achievement Award Holders
Peter Arnett, Sir Geoffrey Cox, Pat Booth, Frank Haden, Connie Lawn, Sir Terry McLean, Graham Stewart MNZM

Life Members
Denis Adam, Tim Birch, Paul Cavanagh, Catherine de la Roche, Gavin Ellis ONZM, Rt Hon. Jonathan Hunt ONZ, Jack Kelleher, Ralph Lenton, Warren Page, Pat Plunket, Paul Prince, Derek Round MNZM, Sir Christopher Harris