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Russian Oligarch Funds New Zealand Legal FirmsRussian Oligarch Funds New Zealand Legal Firms

National Press Club Inc Submission to Law Commission

The National Press Club Inc takes the opportunity of drawing the attention of the Commissioners to the circumstances in which a known Russian oligarch funds New Zealand legal practices to engage in litigation in New Zealand.

This submission follows a previous one filed on August 8 2021 in which in this same context we raised with the Commissioners the matter of jurisdiction and also of what is now quite widely recognised as Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation.

We wish now to point out the continuing funding by a United States resident the Russian oligarch Sergei Grishin of litigation against John Bowie proprietor of the Lawfuel website which is based in Wellington.

Our affiliates have recommended that we now notify you about such litigation being conducted at a time in which the international community seeks to curtail the activities of oligarchs within countries condemning the invasion of Ukraine.

We have been shown documents to the effect that at least two Auckland legal firms currently conduct litigation in New Zealand on behalf of Sergei Grishin.

We have similarly been shown documents that indicate that substantial moneys are being sought from the plaintiff.

We may assume that such funds are destined for the benefit of Sergei Grishin.

We appreciate your response to our original submissions and trust that this latest development in this affair will similarly engage your attention


Peter Isaac


National Press Club Inc

Published in Main