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MSC Newswire Achieves New Monthly Readership RecordThe National Press Club news site MSC Newswire passed one million visitors in a single month by the middle of the month of March 2024. The site is one of the very few news sites anywhere to display a visible and real time recording of its usage.

The site has notched up a total of 45 million visitors during its relatively brief career.

The site focuses in covering the no-go areas which mainstream media by convention avoid. One such featured story is about The Platform a streaming broadcast service start-up established to disclose areas which the mainstream and especially the two network television broadcasters collude in failing to objectively cover.

The site draws attention to the underlying sinisterness of the in vogue Cancel movement with its coordinated sabotage of any dissonant voice such as that of Graham Linehan (pictured)

MSC Newswire began as a venture in Hawkes Bay and which requested the assistance of the National Press Club to broaden its coverage and catchment. The site’s industrial foundation is the explanation for MSC – Manufacturer’s Success Connection.

This background means a focus on the productive community by for example exposing the threat to the productive sector of the all-party campaigns to lock in and at any cost upscale voters with variations on the road to zero theme.

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