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Tuesday, 20 December 2022 11:43

Browser Tags News Site in New Zealand

Browser Tags News Site in New Zealand

Google has tagged a heavy traffic New Zealand news site. The statement placed above the MSC Newswire browser title stated at various times:-

“It looks like the results below are changing quickly. If this topic is new, it can sometimes take time for reliable sources to publish information.”

It suggested that site visitors “might take time for reliable sources to publish information.”

The qualifier advises browsers to “Check the source. Are they trusted on this topic?” And to “Come back later.”

Also “Other sources might have more information on this topic “in a few hours or days.” It concludes by suggesting browsers “Get more tips.”

In the event the five year old has recorded over 35 million visits. It is the only such site to display its own level of historic and real time traffic.

The site which neither seeks nor accepts sponsorship or any other revenue has experienced accelerated readership since the government began subsidising print and broadcast media.

In recent times has taken up the threat to public welfare presented to the neighbouring townships by the extensive solar generating plants through their associated electromagnetic radiation fields. Headlines in the site on this topic are:-

Auckland City Council C02 v Radiation Emissions Choice

Radiation Clouds Helensville Greytown Giant Solar Schemes in NZ

An investigation into transfer pricing was also widely visited. This un-probed area of New Zealand commercial life allows foreign companies, notably United States ones, to profit through internal sales to its Kiwi company, as these subsidiaries are commonly described.

The site notes that its primary purpose is to disclose what was actually going on when other outlets were precluded from doing so.

The site originated in Hawkes Bay as a communications channel for manufacturing engineers. The letter M in its title originally stood for Manufacturers. Elements of the National Press Club assisted in transforming it into a general news site.

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