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Tuesday, 27 October 2020 10:20

Climate of Fear

Isaac is greeted by Wanganui Club’s Henry NewrickClimate of Fear

Mainstream media’s horror of association with any scepticism about climate doctrine meant that it was unable to assess the result of the general election with any objectivity, claimed National Press Club president Peter Isaac addressing a Central Districts audience at the Wanganui Club.

Speaking immediately after the general election Isaac cited as an example of the reporting of events through the “climate filter” the mainstream’s failure to explain the disappearance of Winston Peters and his NZ First party.

Mainstream commentators could not bring themselves to point out that the party had been evicted as any meaningful political force at all just because it was seen by its own loyalists as having forsaken them in being captured by the climate ideology of its coalition partners.

There followed now a quicksand effect in which the New Zealand First party the more it tried to extricate itself from direct association with climate ideology was viewed by its base as sinking deeper into it.

The mass pine tree planting scheme was designed to appease its Green and Labour party coalition partners yet the most obvious outcome was in alienating NZ First’s base in the productive sector which saw pastoral farming being eliminated and thus the disappearance of small rural communities.

Isaac told the meeting that Winston Peters’ mentor the late Sir Robert Muldoon had privately told him (Isaac) that Winston Peters was destined to be a future prime minister.

Mr Peters however now failed to follow Muldoon’s and his own principle of putting the practical needs of New Zealand “first.” Especially above any foreign ideology.

Isaac suggested that Mr Peters himself had become lulled into thinking that he could be seen to be part of a foreign-originating ideology, and somehow reconcile it with his New Zealand first foremost and always stated priority just because the mainstream media in its zeal presented the climate doctrine as universal holy writ, unchallengeable.

His voter base meanwhile remained unimpressed by compromising with an abstract ideology centred in New York and instead saw only the practical and applied damage it was inflicting on New Zealand’s productive sector. So Mr Peters’ base melted away silently and until the last moment, unseen.

PICTURED: Isaac is greeted by Wanganui Club’s Henry Newrick. Wanganui City Councillor Helen Craig presents a copy of From The Sea to the Mountain. See also:-

Wanganui City Councillor Helen Craig presents a copy of From The Sea to the Mountain

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