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Monday, 16 March 2020 11:18

NZME, Fairfax, Cried Wrong Wolf

The unanimous and slavish adherence to the doctrine of an imminent climatic crisis blinded the mainstream media to the possibility of a different and unforeseen environmental crisis, a real one, such as that currently ignited by the pathogen Coronavirus.

National Press Club president Peter Isaac pinned his accusation especially on the two newspaper chains, though he conceded that the chains displayed remarkable candour in declaring that they did in practice outlaw anything contrary to their own accepted climate doctrine of imminent catastrophe.

The two newspaper chains were not confined by any requirement, stated or unstated, to cling to any domestic or international fashions through employing self-selecting communities of ideological editorial commitment as was the case with state-owned broadcasting

Indeed, noted Isaac, the policy of the two newspaper chains to pursue the activist climate line was against their own interests, given the ageing nature of their subscription readership.

Isaac cited as “disturbing” the chains coverage of the local government climate “emergency” proclamations.

These should have been treated as promotional exercises just because there was no such emergency in the “operational and privileged” reserved use of the word.

Similarly with the various “extinction rebellion” displays in which similarly neither life nor limb was threatened, at least not by the climate

Isaac said that the New Zealand chains could have understood at the time of the United Nations juvenilia centred on Greta Thunberg in New York that the United Nations-inspired campaign was reaching a level of delirium which required now an approach and perhaps even coverage of analytical detachment.

In the event he noted the New Zealand mainstreamers in their quest to be seen to be part of what they sincerely believed to be a bright shining global crusade had utterly convinced themselves that the hypothetical was the reality.

In their single-minded exclusive focus on climate change the two chains had “cried the wrong wolf.”

In the event, he said, the preoccupation with climate change along with its attendant political class guilt transfer craving had blinded the mainstream to the actual threat of the succession of geographically-concentrated pathogen outbreaks compounding into the current pandemic.

Isaac said that he did not expect the mainstreamers to recant their faith in their climate doctrine and then follow through by demonstrating this objectivity by covering the views of those they dismissed as deniers regardless of their scientific qualifications entitling them to comment on the issue.

Isaac’s statement was made in the context of a Rotary address last year (see below) in which he had endorsed the decision by the Commerce Commission to block the merger of the Fairfax and NZME chains on the grounds that such a fusion would lead to a single party line along that of “China.”

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